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EU-GIVE - Generating opportunities in the collaborative economy in Europe

Enterprise Europe Brussels c/o hub.brussels is now involved in the EU-funded pilot project EU-GIVE which is committed to disseminate and raise extensive awareness of the potential of collaborative economy and prepare entrepreneurs to manage all the implications of the novelty that is has introduced.


Funded by the European Union, the EU-GIVE project is aiming at “Generating opportunities from Intangible assets and Value chains in the collaborative Economy in Europe”. Following an initiative from the European Parliament, this is a pilot project for only 2 years to develop and test potential new dedicated EEN services for entrepreneurs from the collaborative economy.





As defined in its Communication of 2016, for the European Commission, the term "collaborative economy" refers to business models where activities are facilitated by collaborative platforms that create an open marketplace for the temporary usage of goods or services often provided by private individuals. The collaborative economy involves three categories of actors: (i) service providers who share assets, resources, time and/or skills — these can be private individuals offering services on an occasional basis (‘peers’) or service providers acting in their professional capacity ("professional services providers"); (ii) users of these; and (iii) intermediaries that connect — via an online platform — providers with users and that facilitate transactions between them (‘collaborative platforms’). Collaborative economy transactions generally do not involve a change of ownership and can be carried out for profit or not-for-profit."

EU-GIVE pool competences from partners from 6 countries :

These partners also involved in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). The EEN helps businesses innovate and grow on an international scale. It is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international ambitions.

The involved EEN advisers will help SMEs, social enterprises, start-ups and potential entrepreneurs to get the most of the opportunities offered by the collaborative economy, connecting them with key players and stakeholders as well as to successful initiatives. They will provide training and coaching to enrich their business profile getting it adaptive to collaborative economy challenges and boosting their responsiveness to the market.

The target group of the project are

  • SMEs and micro enterprises with high-growth potential and ability to benefit and contribute to the collaborative economy
  • Social enterprises which can take advantage from the exchange of assets in platforms and its social impact
  • Traditional companies that could convert its business models into collaborative economy
  • New entrepreneurs interested in collaborative economy-related business

The project also aimed at drawing from the expertise of

  • Owners and managers of platforms
  • Promoters of collaborative economy projects capable of disseminate the results of its activities
  • Digital technologies experts
  • Local authorities and decision makers capable to remove barriers to the consolidation of the collaborative economy
  • User groups to participate in open consultations to detect problems and needs

Interested? Get involved at the various stages of the project:










Ultimately SMEs and micro enterprises with high-growth potential will be selected to benefit from these new services. We are looking for SMEs who

  • Have headquarters in one of the partner regions
  • Need to solve a common problem to one or more groups
  • With potential for the market: market transformation and dynamics in society
  • That involve and empower beneficiaries and other stakeholders
  • With potential for innovation: through new solutions, to challenge the traditional view of the economy and to solve problems with superior effectiveness in relation to alternative solutions that already exist in the market
  • With potential for growth: concern and ability to scale the solution and / or replicate and disseminate externally

For Brussels-based organisations only : please contact your EEN adviser Camille Lépinay clepinay@hub.brussels.

For organisations from country/regions covered by the project, you can contact your local EEN contact point 
-    www.consorzioarca.it
-    www.cec.org.pt
-    www.ceoearagon.es
-    www.tehnologije.ijs.si
-    www.koda.ee
For enterprises based in other regions: this is a pilot project so the above-mentioned services are not offered by all partners from the Enterprise Europe Network, but EEN partners can still provide you with valuable support, find your local Network contact point on the EEN website.

You can all follow us on social media with the hashtag #EU_GIVE


hub.brussels is the new name of the Brussels Agency for business support, the result of the merger between atrium.brussels, Brussels Invest & Export and impulse.brussels.


Co-financed by the European Union.


The sole responsibility of this publication lies with the author. The European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.




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