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In 2018, the Enterprise Europe Network marks its tenth anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, Network partners across the world will be celebrating alongside some of the 2,6 million small businesses that they have helped to innovate and grow internationally.

Who has the Network been helping?

Embedded in local business structures and connected across the globe, the Network’s 600 partner organisations are perfectly positioned to support businesses across dozens of sectors from every corner of the EU.

Network advisers have been supporting businesses in sectors from agriculture to artificial intelligence with practical advice and trusted connections. Their unique combination of local knowledge and global reach has meant that thousands of companies have been able to access international markets and grow their businesses further and faster.

How has the Network been helping businesses?

Over 10 years 33,496 Belgian SMEs benefitted from key Network services.

  • 22,800 SMEs benefitted from our information services and training sessions.
  • 6,025 SMEs participated in our brokerage events where they held 25,228 business meetings
  • 4,494 SMEs got advice from our experts to help them innovate and grow internationally
  • 177 SMEs benefitted from our tailored innovation support packages

Why turn to the Network?

These are just a few of the companies that have benefitted from the Network’s support. Companies across Europe and beyond are turning to the Network as a reliable partner with a proven track record in helping companies achieve their international ambitions.

So if you’re looking for some support to grow your business, the Enterprise Europe Network can help. Get in touch with the Enterprise Europe Network Brussels’ experts at and at the Chamber of Commerce of Brussels.


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