Public consultation on communication channels for EU tax information

The European Commission needs your feedback to improve several EU tax products such as the “Taxes in Europe Database”, the “Taxation Trends Report”, the “Tax Policies in the EU” Survey and the “Taxation Papers” series. The survey is focused on the communication channels used by the European Commission (DG TAXUD) to disseminate information in the area of […]

Hoe beoordeelt u de gezondheids- en veiligheidsrisico’s in uw bedrijf?

OiRA – Online interactive Risk Assessment – is een internetplatform waarmee op een eenvoudige en gestandaardiseerde manier en in elke taal sectorale risicobeoordelingstools kunnen worden gecreëerd. Het platform wordt ontwikkeld en onderhouden door het Europees Agentschap voor veiligheid en gezondheid op het werk (EU-OSHA). Waarom is het OiRA-project opgezet? Een goede risicobeoordeling is de sleutel tot een gezonde werkplek. […]

First call, 2nd Space Academy, 18 & 19 November, Bremen

Through the SpaceUp project, which is coordinated by Aviaspace Bremen e.V., the European Union supports space-related start-up companies in their acceleration phase. This is mainly done by providing direct access to a wealth of different expertise, before and through six events.

Barriers to trade: as protectionism rises, EU continues opening up export markets for European firms

Continuous rise in #barriers encountered by European companies in foreign #markets. 123 such #barriers have been eliminated since the beginning of the current #Commission mandate, allowing for more than €6 billion extra exports in 2018.

The Innovation Radar

On the 4th June, Eoghan O’Neill presented the Innovation Radar (IR) during the last IGLO[1] Open meeting. The Innovation Radar is a European Commission platform which allows to identify high potential innovations and innovators in public funded projects.

Lessons learnt from the Platform Learning Journey to Berlin

On 16-17th May, the Brussels platforms Usitoo, Cobea Coop, Coop It Easy, FitMyNest and Wibee went to Berlin as part of the “Platform Learning Journey”.