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Enterprise Europe Brussels is mentioned as good practices in NCPs CaRE new booklet.

NCPs CaRE, the network of NCPs for the Network of National Contact Points for Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 5 (SC5) published on 30th April a booklet for good practices for EEN-NCP Cooperation.

This booklet aims at presenting good practices and practical advice for NCP-EEN collaboration collected as part of the NCPs CaRE project.

Many advisers from Enterprise Europe Brussels c/o are also Horizon 2020 National Contact Points and these “double agents” are presented in the booklet as a good practice.

But the booklet also shed lights on the work done by the EEN around Horizon 2020 and includes many other recommendations targeted at “non double agents”

NCP newcomers
EEN newcomers
NCP Coordinators
NCP Networks
and the European Commission.

You can find the booklet here among NCPs CaRE useful guides.

Enjoy the reading !

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