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The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam would like to promote its Europe Vietnam Free Trade Agreement Helpdesk for EEN’s members and European SMEs. The EVFTA Helpdesk is developed for SMEs.

First, it provides information about the agreement and tries to decipher what’s inside in order to help enterprises benefit from it. The Helpdesk also assess enterprises needs regarding the agreement through surveys, meetings etc.

Europe has signed a free trade agreement with Vietnam which came into effect on the 1st of August 2020. The agreement aims to eliminate 99% of all tariffs between the two parties, cut red tape and reduce technical obstacles to trade. As a new generation agreement, it also provides IPR-related guarantees, and it contains provisions regarding Labor law and environment.

Vietnam is one of the most dynamic countries in South-East Asia. Amid of the COVID-19 crisis, Vietnam has recorded a 2% growth in 2020. Indeed, the Vietnamese Government has managed to control the crisis, and so far, Vietnam has recorded less than 3000 confirmed cases. It is, then, one of the most attractive place to invest and make business in the region.

Despite all these favorable points, SMEs still struggle to benefit from the agreement. The CCIFV is therefore more than happy to provide insights and expertise concerning the agreement. You can already take a look at a lot of our ressources about the EVFTA.

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