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The research topics presented in the document available HERE have been grouped around different aviation domains:

• Aircraft and products airworthiness Standards
• Air Operations Standards
• ATM / Aerodrome Standards
• Rotorcraft and VTOL
• Civil Drones (unmanned aircraft)
• General Aviation
• New Operations / Processes / Products
• Safety management, incl. human factors
• Maintenance and continued airworthiness
• External hazards, weather hazards protection
• Aviation Security, incl cybersecurity
• Environmental Protection Standards
• Public / Occupational Health issues
• Economic Intelligence

The research topics have been identified along 2 main types of actions:

Targeted research actions: projects proposed for execution in the short-term in order to respond to
identified gaps or open issues in aviation standards, regulations or policies.
Long-term research topics: proposed research to prepare key changes in aviation

Document available HERE

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