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At the 25th EU-Japan Summit, which took place in Tokyo in July, two agreements have been signed that will significantly boost bilateral trade (the Strategic Partnership Agreement and the Economic Partnership Agreement). The Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and Japan creates an open trade zone covering over 600 million people and nearly a third of global GDP. It will remove the vast majority of the EUR 1 billion of duties paid annually by EU companies exporting to Japan, and has led to the removal of a number of long-standing regulatory barriers, for example on cars. The EU Free Trade Agreement with Japan is on the way.

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SOLVIT, een oplossing voor moeilijkheden met een overheidsdienst in een ander Europees land

Ervaart u moeilijkheden met een overheidsdienst in een ander Europees land? SOLVIT zorgt voor een oplossing SOLVIT kan uw probleem behandelen als het aan drie voorwaarden voldoet: – Het moet grensoverschrijdend zijn: u wenst in een ander Europees land te gaan wonen, werken of een activiteit te beoefenen. – Een overheid of een lokaal openbaar […]

New tool to show EU towns and cities exporting to Japan

Interested in what opportunities the EU’s trade deal with Japan might bring to your country or your home town? The new tool developed by the European Commission includes infographics for each EU country, detailing the number of exporting companies, the number of jobs supported by exports to Japan, a list of products exported from each […]

Survey on the use of preferential rules of origin under the Free Trade Agreements of the European Union

When the European Union concludes a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with a partner country, its exporters can benefit from reduced duty (or duty-free) treatment when exporting to that country. In order to qualify for this preferential treatment, the product must originate from an FTA party, in other words, it must fulfil all the rules of […]

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