Accessing European Research infrastructures

In preparing your Horizon 2020 project or another research project, you have identified that you need specific infrastructures for instance to get data or conduct specific test? Have a look at the European Research Infrastructures ! What are Research Infrastructures? Research Infrastructures (RIs) are facilities, resources and services used by the scientific community for conducting […]

Stakeholders discussed the needs of the circular economy entrepreneurs

In the framework of the EU-funded project EU-GIVE aiming at stimulating collaborative economy in Europe, Enterprise Europe Brussels c/o organized a Focus group with stakeholders of collaborative economy on October 23, 2018. The group included seven promoters of collaborative economy projects (Platform Coop Bxl/Febecoop, SAW-BE, CoopCity, Lumoj, Village Partenaire/Groupe One,, Agoria), one digital […]

Des appels à propositions européens sur l’économie circulaire

Les opportunités de financement ne sont pas limitées à Horizon 2020. Il existe d’autres appels à proposition européens dédiés à des organisations portant des solutions innovantes visant les matières premières comme l’EIT Raw Materials, KET4Clean production, ERA-MIN II. Plus d’information et deadlines dans cet article. Vous avez des projets innovants ? NCP Brussels et Enterprise […]

European Industry Week 2019: open your doors!

An opportunity to showcase Brussels-based industrial community's know-how

Launch of the Innovation Radar platform & pilot cooperation with Enterprise Europe Brussels c/o

In April 2018 the European Commission launched the Innovation Radar platform. Today, Enterprise Europe Brussels c/o is proud to announce that it has been selected by the EC to participate in a pilot action aimed at offering the Network's support to these innovators.

Economie circulaire: les appels 2019 d’Horizon 2020

Vous êtes une PME active dans l’économie circulaire et réfléchissez à des financements européens ? Horizon 2020 offre des opportunités pour des PMEs seules ayant développé des innovations radicales ou pour des projets de collaborations avec d’autres partenaires (qui peuvent aussi ne pas être des PMEs). Horizon 2020 est le programme de recherche et innovation de […]