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Beginning of July, the EU and Vietnam have signed a Trade Agreement and an Investment Protection Agreement. Once in force, the new agreements will provide opportunities to increase trade and support jobs and growth on both sides, through the elimination of 99% of all tariffs and reduction of regulatory barriers to trade.

680 Belgian companies export to Vietnam. 85% are SMEs. Belgium and Vietnam already have a close trading relationship. The value of Belgian exports to Vietnam represents 500 million euros. The value of Belgian imports from Vietnam represents 2 billion euros. The EU-Vietnam trade agreement will boost the trade relations.

Guide to the Free Trade Agreement

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New European rules to improve fairness of online platforms trading practices

1 million businesses are already selling goods and services via #online #platforms. Online platforms create significant EU market opportunities in particular for SMEs. More than 50% of SMEs selling through online marketplaces sell cross-border. What are the benefit of the new rules? What are the problems that businesses face in the online economy and how […]

Public consultation on communication channels for EU tax information

The European Commission needs your feedback to improve several EU tax products such as the « Taxes in Europe Database », the « Taxation Trends Report », the « Tax Policies in the EU » Survey and the « Taxation Papers » series. The survey is focused on the communication channels used by the European Commission (DG TAXUD) to disseminate information in the area of […]

Barriers to trade: as protectionism rises, EU continues opening up export markets for European firms

Continuous rise in #barriers encountered by European companies in foreign #markets. 123 such #barriers have been eliminated since the beginning of the current #Commission mandate, allowing for more than €6 billion extra exports in 2018.

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