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Interested in what opportunities the EU’s trade deal with Japan might bring to your country or your home town? The new tool developed by the European Commission includes infographics for each EU country, detailing the number of exporting companies, the number of jobs supported by exports to Japan, a list of products exported from each member state, and other import/export statistics.

Have a look on the tool.

Here are the key figures for Belgium :

1,989 : The number of Belgian companies that export to Japan.

90% : The share of Belgian companies exporting to Japan that are small and medium-sized enterprises.

15,514 : The number of jobs in Belgium that EU exports to Japan help support.

739,560 : The number of jobs in the EU that EU exports to Japan help support.

5th Japan is Belgium’s 5th biggest trade partner outside the EU.

€3.3 bn : The value of Belgian exports to Japan.

€8.8 bn : The value of Belgian imports from Japan.

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