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Since end November when visiting the Participant Portal, you are invited to visit instead the new Funding and Tenders portal.

The new, corporate Funding and Tenders portal replaces the Participant Portal with all its functions:

  • Search and apply for funding opportunities in calls for proposals
  • Manage your grants
  • Register as an expert, manage contracts and payments online.

You do not need to change your data and passwords, registration is still done through the EU Login.

This “Single Electronic Data Interchange Area” should become your new entry point to EU funding programmes and it also covers tenders.  Today, the new portal covers about 15 EU funding programmes. By the start of the next EU Budget period (2021), the portal will cover all centrally managed EU funding programmes, that is to say those managed by the European Commission and other EU bodies. This does not apply however to EU programmes managed with the Member States like some Erasmus + grants and ESIF (ERDF, ESF, Interreg…). In practice this means for instance that you can now look for calls by key words and get results accross programmes.

Beware that the Participant Portal will soon be phased out and that the layout being not the same, so you should update your favourite links and get accustomed to the new portal.

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