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What if you could access the largest online database of business and collaboration opportunities? And let them come to you ?

This is possible, as the database is accessible for free. It contains thousands of business, technology and research cooperation requests and offers from companies and R&D institutions spread over more 60 countries. You can browse it whenever you want on our web site !

But if you want to gain time, let the business come to you! Thus subscribe to customized e-alerts for cooperation opportunities that come up from the database.

Enterprise Europe Network Brussels’ advisors will help you create your account from HERE

Then an alert can be created by selecting from a list the appropriate keywords for the industry/niche/area that you are interested in to find clients and / or partners .

You can also select the cooperation type that you are looking for: commercial, technological or R&D partnerships.

The database will regularly send e-alerts directly to your mailbox, with proposals for cooperation from companies in Europe and beyond.

The service is for free and it’s an excellent starting point to open up additional development strategies for your organisation!

Willing to learn more and subscribe?

Contact :

  • Barbara Andreani – hub brussels (bandreani@hub.brussels ) if you are focusing your strategy on technological solutions/ R&D / innovation
  • Jean-Philippe Mergen – BECI (jpm@beci.be ) if you are focusing your strategy on identification of distributors and agents of products

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