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Due to the current high-price situation for energy, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Europe are under great pressure to reduce their energy consumption, to be-come more energy efficient and/ or to make use of carbon neutral renewable energies by replacing climate damaging fossil fuels.

Apart from necessary medium to long-term strategies of European companies in order to master the transformation of their energy systems, recommendations for quick and easy energy saving measures are of great importance in the current situation.

In order to support European SMEs accordingly, the Enterprise Europe Network has checked available recommendations in their regions and countries. A list of about 150 short-term measures by the German Initiative Energieeffizi-enz- und Klimaschutz-Netzwerke had turned out to be the most comprehensive document, focusing on measures that can be done quickly by SMEs on their own and without big in-vestments.

The document can be consulted here

For questions, please contact your local Enterprise Europe Network advisor: Sabrina Bijlsma

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