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A new tool to support trade and investment between the EU and Eastern Partnership countries launched on 15 December. The Eastern Partnership Trade Helpdesk will help open new market opportunities for importers and exporters in the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries. This platform will assist companies to identify new opportunities, potential partners and check necessary requirements and procedures. Eastern European and South Caucasus partner countries are the following: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus.

The new platform helps SMEs trade more, by providing tailored advice from a network of trade experts and business support organisations.

The Eastern Partnership Trade Helpdesk is built around three principles:

  1. Identify Opportunities: helping users to identify the most promising markets and products to trade in the region and with the EU. By comparing trade performance and potential trade in the region and with the EU, by market and by sector, users can confirm their business decisions.
  2. Market Information: providing users with an overview of the market access conditions they need to comply with to trade their products to the identified market, as well as connect them with relevant partners in their country or the destination market.
  3. Help Centre: guiding users to make the most of the platform, find additional resources and contact relevant local agencies to answer their potential questions.

For more information: Eastern Partnership Trade Helpdesk

Source: DG Trade

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