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EU and Mexico reach new agreement on trade

The European Union and Mexico reached recently a new agreement on trade, part of a broader, modernised EU-Mexico Global Agreement.

EUR 400 million to protect nature and the environment

The LIFE Programme of the European Commission has launched its 2018 call for proposals. This year’s call has close to EUR 400 million to fund projects in the fields of environment & resource efficiency, climate action and nature & biodiversity conservation.

Wat mijn bedrijf moet doen om te voldoen aan de EU-regels inzake gegevensbescherming?

10 vragen/antwoorden om u te begeleiden Op wie is de AVG van toepassing? De AVG is van toepassing op: een onderneming of eenheid die, persoonsgegevens verwerkt in het kader van de activiteiten van een van zijn of haar in de EU gevestigde bijkantoren, ongeacht waar de gegevens worden verwerkt; of een onderneming die buiten de […]

EU Commission boosts venture capital investment in Europe’s innovative start-ups

EU Funding Opportunities for Women – SME Instrument

Female creativity and entrepreneurial potential are an under-exploited source of economic growth and jobs.

Consultation on drones – technical standards & conditions for operations

This public consultation asks for your informed opinions and suggestions to help identify what are the gains that could be brought by the use of drones and what are the concerns that would need to be addressed by EU public intervention.

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