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In our article dated back June 25, we drew your attention to the Road Map: in the regulatory process, now comes the stage of public consultation “A Drone strategy 2.0 for Europe to foster sustainable and smart mobility”

Target audience:

  • Citizens, industry stakeholders (European and national organisations, individual companies: OEMs, UTM, ATM, UAS operators, U-space service providers, aerial services users, etc.), consumer protection associations.
  • Sectoral organisations/ Union, including relevant uptake sectors, such as agriculture, health, transport, etc
  • Urban and rural communities (including local and regional authorities) and their networks, non-Governmental Organisations, including in the environmental field.

PURPOSES of the consultation:

  • fostering a smart and sustainable ecosystem of unmanned aircraft on board in Europe
  • collect information and obtain feedback from the most relevant stakeholders and the general public on how the EU drone policy can contribute to a new supply of air services and sustainable transport.
  • identify measures that could be taken to promote wider use of drones and issues that should be addressed by EU public intervention in order to ensure the safe, efficient and sustainable development of the drone ecosystem.
Consultation period : 8 October 2021 – 31 December 2021
Access HERE

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