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Further to the precautionary measures taken by the federal government of Belgium to combat the coronavirus epidemic, is doing everything it can to help slow the spread of the virus, while ensuring the continued delivery of its services. Our services can still be accessed, but in different ways as from today, Friday 13 March, and until further notice.

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Naar aanleiding van de voorzorgsmaatregelen van de federale regering rond het coronavirus, stellen we ook bij alles in het werk om de verspreiding van het virus af te remmen. Tegelijkertijd trachten we de continuïteit van onze diensten zoveel mogelijk te waarborgen. We blijven bereikbaar, maar onze dienstverlening wordt vanaf vandaag (13 maart) voorlopig aangepast. Een overzicht.

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Suite aux mesures de précaution prises par le Gouvernement fédéral pour enrayer l’épidémie de Coronavirus, met tout en œuvre pour ralentir la propagation du virus, tout en assurant la continuité du service public. Nos services restent accessibles mais se trouvent adaptés dès aujourd’hui, vendredi 13 mars et jusqu’à nouvel ordre.

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Single Market Programme approved by European Parliament

The Single Market Programme has been approved by the European Parliament. The regulation, published in the EU Official Journal, entered into force on 3 May and will apply retroactively from 1 January 2021. The Single Market Programme aims to strengthen the EU’s internal market by supporting a wide range of activities, from improving food safety to helping SMEs. The overarching goal is to foster cooperation and improve sustainability within the Single Market.  Enterprise Europe Network is also part of this programme.

SME panel on the Sustainable Products Initiative

An SME panel on the Sustainable Products Initiative (SPI) aims to gather the views of SMEs on the Sustainable Products Initiative that was announced in last year’s Circular Economy Action Plan and is due to be delivered by the end of 2021.

Data 4 Healthy Recovery Hackathon – last chance to sign up

The new ‘Data 4 Healthy Recovery’ hackathon, taking place from 18 – 20 June, aims to find smart health solutions to help Europe recover from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger and faster, using industrial transformation opportunities in a creative way.

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