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Last Friday 26th November, Enterprise Europe Brussels team c/o , in collaboration with the DroneDays Convention team and Enterprise Europe Network colleagues around Europe run the 6th edition of the DroneDays B2B & Conferences event.

As for every edition, a lot of efforts and passion have been put by to offer participants the most qualitative possible B2B event and thematic conferences. The main purpose being business opportunities provision to SMEs, based on innovation, technical collaboration at international level, along with acces to latest information around technical aspects of the use of drone in specific domains, as well as access to EU funding, thanks to the close collaboration with NCP Brussels.

Attention as been focused on the civil use of drones in more more traditional sectors, so as to facilitate cross-fertilisation among players from different horizons, to make companies more competitive with innovation scouting.  The 2021 edition wanted to push this credo further with the purpose of paving the way to SMEs’  resilience and sustainability in these still hard times, with a concrete contribution to their  economic transition and the integration of digitalisation in their processes.

The very first results from the B2B are here below:

26 countries represented
112 qualified participants with
218 collaboration profiles (offer and / or demand proposals to work together other participants around a drone-related product, solution, service)
76 scheduled appointments

Along with the B2B, 18 thematic conferences took place throughout the entire day, gathering together 240-250 participants


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