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Overview of 3 EU funding available for SMEs with innovations in the field of environment

You missed the EIC Accelerator “Green Deal” cut-off”? There are luckily other funding available for SMEs having developed innovations in the field of environment and who wish to bring their product to markets and to scale up and notably

Nevertheless there are small differences between these funding streams which are shown in a table published by NCP Brussels. 

Remember that:

  • Your project should be very innovative at a European Level.
  • All these funding streams are very competitive.
  • Double EU funding is not allowed. In particular, should you apply for both the EIC Accelerator and LIFE make sure that you indicate the EIC Accelerator application in your LIFE application because failing to do so could result in the rejection of your LIFE application.

For support in building your project, Brussels-based SMEs can contact

See also

  • Our previous article about the opportunities through the EIT Raw Materials with an additional opportunity mentioned in our article about the EIT Crisis Response Initiative.
  • Our previous article with a more general explanation of the distinctions between LIFE and Horizon 2020.

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