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24 mei 2018

This European Forum aims at promoting defence and dual use technologies in the maritime field. It will bring together high-level European defence and dual-use experts, public authorities, clusters, and companies (large accounts & SMEs).

The objectives of the event will be to :

–  Raise awareness among public and private economic stakeholders about the potential of dual-use technologies for the European maritime sector;

–  Present the opportunities for EU funding in the area of dual use and defence as well as cooperation between civil and military stakeholders.

–  Foster development of interregional and European collaboration between maritime stakeholders, in particular between public authorities, clusters and SMEs.

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in a matchmaking session in order to maximise their business opportunities by meeting relevant players in the European maritime sector.

Key deadlines: 

– registration from February 1st to May 18th 2018

– meeting selection from February 26th to May 21st 2018

Participation to the B2B is restricted to participants of the forum

Location : precise location kept secret

Address address disclosed only after approval of participants.

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24-26.09.2021 – GAME WAVE FESTIVAL 2021

24 september, 2021
This event will take place between 24 September 2021 – 26 September 2021 both online and in Jūrmala, Latvia: ONLINE Business to business meetings and talent pool ON-SITE Conference for everyone Pitch your game to publishers and jury Exposition/showroom of games, technology and art Game jam Afterparty A great opportunity for actors at all levels […]

29.09-01.10.2021 Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2021 brokerage event

29 september, 2021
Are you interested in business, partnering and networking opportunities in the life sciences sector? MIT4LS2021 brokerage event, a one-stop-partnering event is the right place for you.

30.09.2021 „Een duurzame toekomst voor Europa” in cluster 2 „Cultuur, creativiteit en inclusieve samenlevingen” van Horizon Europa

30 september, 2021
On 30 September 2021, the German National Contact Point for Cluster 2 in Horizon Europe will host a Virtual Brokerage Event on the 2022 Cluster2 call “A sustainable future for Europe”. The participation is open to organizations from all countries and of course free of charge. More information and registration is available here: A sustainable […]

30.09.2021 – A sustainable future for Europe Virtual Brokerage Event

30 september, 2021
Dit internationale informatiedagevenement zal de aandacht vestigen op onderzoeksthema’s die worden behandeld in de oproep „Een duurzame toekomst voor Europa” in cluster 2 „Cultuur, creativiteit en inclusieve samenlevingen” van Horizon Europa. De deelnemers kunnen deelnemen aan een matchmakingsevenement dat gewijd is aan de onderwerpen van deze oproep tot het indienen van voorstellen. Het matchmakingsevenement biedt […]

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Digital Europe: Bringing digital technology to businesses – good practices in Spain and in Belgium

22 september, 2021
Introduction to the new European funding program in digitalisation

30.09.2021 – Info session on Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

30 september, 2021
Get ready to experience an entrepreneurial exchange in another country

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