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Are you an SME?

Are you involved in a EU-funded collaborative research and innovation project or supported by Enterprise Europe Network?

So have a look on the newly-established Horizon IP Scan Service !

In line with the European IP Action Plan from 2020, this tailored, first-line and free IP support service is designed to help start-ups and other SMEs involved in EU-funded collaborative research projects to efficiently manage and valorise IP in collaborative R&I efforts.

Horizon IP Scan Pilot version is managed by the European Innovation Council and SME Executive Agency (EISMEA) and the service is operated by EURICE – European Research & Project Office GmbH (Germany) representing the Horizon IP Scan central coordination team, which is supported by an EU-wide network of IP experts


What is Horizon IP Scan And what it offers

Objective is to provide individual, professional, jargon-free assessment of SME’s intangible assets and show how to protect their existing IP when starting on a research & innovation activity with multiple partners. IP Scan should:

  • Increase the company’s IP knowledge
  • Get a clear overview of their existing IP
  • Identify potential ways to protect intangible assets
  • Develop a joint IP management and exploitation strategy with your partners
  • Prevent potential IP conflicts
  • Boost Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of Results
  • Leverage the company’s innovation capacity

The service is three-step:

IP Scan Service will be delivered either by a private IP professional (patent or IP attorney) or qualified IP experts. It may be provided to a single SME or to a group of SMEs involved in a collaborative research project. Usual working language is English.



Intellectual property is a strong business asset that needs strategic management to maximise exploitation potential. Assessing and developing a strategy to exploit and protect IP is even more difficult to achieve when generated in the context of a European collaborative R&I project. Horizon IP Scan helps you to address these issues that can arise at different stages of the implementation of the project.


Who can apply

The Horizon IP Scan has a particular focus on EU-funded Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe projects

The service is open to SMEs (including startups) which:

  • are about to sign a Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe Grant Agreement or have recently signed one (up to six months after signature). In addition, Horizon IP Scan caters to SMEs signposted by the Horizon Results Booster during the first half to the project.
  • Are referred by the Enterprise Europe Network in relation to planned cooperation with other entities on an R&I project, up to six months after the beginning of a project, preferably before any agreement is signed


How to apply

Apply here, anytime, based on first come, first served approach

Please take a look at our Guide for Applicants (available for download below) and fill in the service request form. All of the information provided will be treated strictly confidentially, and will only be processed for the purpose of delivering the service.


More information: Frédéric Suche ( or general E-mail address (

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