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Are you operating in the #FOOD CONTACT MATERIAL supply chain? Give your opinion on the functioning of the #Food Contact Material legislation and about how the legislation affects your business.

Food Contact Materials (FCM) include all food packaging as well as kitchenware and tableware. It may also include articles which were not originally intended for food contact but which may nevertheless foreseeably come into contact with food. Furthermore, FCM covers materials used in professional food manufacturing, preparation, storage and distribution. Many different types of material may be used to make FCM including plastic, paper, rubber, metal and glass but also adhesives, printing inks and coatings used in the finishing of the final articles, as well as composite materials.

The principal purpose of the EU legislation on food contact materials is to provide a basis for securing a high level of protection of human health and interests of consumers. Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 requires businesses to manufacture FCMs in a controlled environment so that they are produced consistently and to a high standard and so that they:

  • do not endanger human health and;
  • do not bring about an unacceptable change in the composition or deterioration in the organoleptic properties – taste and smell, for example – of the food.

The Regulation concerns only the safety of the FCM as regards the transfer of chemicals into the food from the FCM. Background on the Food Contact Material consultation.

You can give your opinion on the legislation by filling the questionnaire and send it back to Your answers will be transmitted to the EU Commission.

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