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Your company may be faced with a disruption of supplies of intermediate products and supplies. What to do? First, check your stocks, and if necessary, anticipate, plan reserves, and order your supplies on time.

If your suppliers are no longer able to provide you, or if they are using them to significantly increase their prices, it is perhaps the time to consider an alternative by identifying other suppliers.

BECI through Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) helps you identify and connect with new international providers. Through the matchmaking platform at, you may be interested in different options for commercial collaboration:

—      Making products abroad: No less than 142 profiles on the platform offer to subcontract production.

—      Externalise a part of your business process: Outsourcing is proposed by 329 profiles.

—      subcontracting part of a specific contract to one of the 639 profiles you offer.

—      Find a supplier for a specific product: Publish your request on the platform as 64 companies looking for suppliers.

In practice, EEN disseminates your business application at and contacts you with interested foreign companies. Conversely, identify the offers that match your target on the platform; EEN will connect you to you.

Contact: Jean-Philippe Mergen, — tel. 02 210 01 77



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