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Are you an SME active in food processing or sensors and data management? Would you like to collaborate with such a firm? The Call S3 Food may be for you.

S3Food is an ongoing Horizon 2020 project fostering digital innovations in the food industry.  It is managed by 13 European partners and 3 linked parties, including Flanders Foods. The project has opened till 10th March 2021 a second and probably last call for projects in cascade funding.

Cascade funding is relatively more accessible than H2020 collaborative projects. The application form is much shorter (5 pages maximum on top of the online form). For instance, BC Materials could benefit from a similar voucher in 2020 thanks to Enterprise Europe Brussels.

This call for projects is pertinent for you if :

A. you are an SME active in food processing and looking for technical solutions for the following digital challenges :

  1. Sensors to monitor real time critical control parameters
  2. Sensor integration and implementation
  3. Smart data management – from data to information to action
  4. Connectivity in food companies and in the food value chain

B. You are a provider or RTOs, living labs, universities offering solutions for these challenges.

The 3 types of vouchers funds different level of maturities and requires different numbers of partners.

Source: S3Food

Partners need to be active in countries covered by the consortium described in Annex 2 page 20 of the guide for applicants. Belgium is one of the eligible countries.

Enterprise Europe Brussels can help you

  • to better understand the requirements of the call
  • for partner searches in other countries
  • for facilitating contacts with Brussels universities and clusters

If interested, please first read the project website and the guide for applicants. If you have questions or need support, you can contact Camille Lépinay  before 1st March 2021 (asap if partners are needed).

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