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The COSME programme has a wide number of initiatives aimed at increase and sustain the competitiveness of European industry, especially SMEs.

Among these initiatives, it’s worthwhile mentioning as well the European construction sector observatory (ECSO) whose aim is to provide valuable insights on market conditions and policy developments.

This observatory has been actively observing the EU construction sector since 2015 and it is devoted – among the other things – to allow the benchmarking of the construction sector in the 27 Member States and the United Kingdom, the monitoring of market conditions and trends, national/regional strategies and progress towards the 5 priorities of construction 2020

Its web site is full of information, split by :

  • Country factsheets
  • Analytical reports
  • Trend papers:  this includes as well the integration of digital innovations or the transition to a circular economy.
  • Policy measure factsheets

For stakeholders and economic players to keep informed, please visit the ECSO web page

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