Our customised support to the sustainable development of your business

Did you know that since January 2022, you can count on Enterprise Europe Brussels’ advisors c/o hub.brussels to get customised support on the sustainability challenges your company faces every day? Enterprise Europe Brussels’ advisors can guide you to : First, your advisors analyse your current level of sustainability in order to properly adapt to your […]

Funding opportunities for civil tech & defence-related companies

If you participated in the EDF info days last June, you should already be aware. If not, a quick selection of calls for proposals

Migration of results from civil EU-funded R&D programmes to the defence sector : a way to expand business 

EUDIS - EU Defence Innovation Scheme - is built around a series of support measures to help European innovative companies bring their ideas to defence end-users.

Market Entry Handbooks support EU agri-food exporters to enter new markets

The EU Commission is publishing since 2019 food and beverage market research reports for various countries outside the EU.

E-BOOST funding for mobility SMEs

On 1st September, the E-BOOST consortium opened a wave of calls for proposals targeting SMEs in the electro-mobility sector. Can you benefit from the E-BOOST funding for mobility SMEs? Which types of support are available? E-BOOST Innovation Support Services funding for mobility SMEs First of all is the “Innovation Support Services” call. The E-BOOST consortium […]

How ready is Europe for the deployment of CCAM? Have your say until end September 2023!

On 2 August 2023 the European Commission’s DG Research & Innovation opened a consultation to gather stakeholders’ insights, opinions and expectations on the current state and future prospects of Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility (CCAM) in Europe. The deadline for participation is end of September 2023. CCAM refers to a European initiative aimed at promoting […]

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