EU and WTO members strike major deal to simplify trade in services

A group of 67 World Trade Organization (WTO) members, including the EU, have today concluded negotiations on a landmark agreement to cut red tape in services trade. The so-called Joint Initiative on Services Domestic Regulation will simplify unnecessarily complicated regulations and ease procedural hurdles faced by SMEs in particular. This agreement will help reduce the costs of global services trade by more than USD 150 billion every year.

La mise en œuvre et l’application des accords commerciaux de l’UE ont ajouté 5,4 milliards d’euros aux exportations de l’UE en 2020

Échanges préférentiels de l’UE en 2020 Parmi les 67 partenaires commerciaux, la Suisse est restée le premier partenaire commercial de l’UE, avec 21,5 % des échanges commerciaux, suivie par la Turquie (11,3 %), le Japon (9,4 %), la Norvège (7,8 %) et la Corée du Sud (7,7 %). Ensemble, ces cinq partenaires représentaient plus de la moitié des échanges préférentiels […]

Facilitez vos relations commerciales avec l’Iran avec le support du Due Diligence Helpdesk sur les sanctions UE

The Due Diligence Helpdesk on EU Sanctions for EU SMEs dealing with Iran provides free-of-charge support to SMEs that are willing to engage with Iran, to do so in full compliance with EU legislation.

Roadmap open: « A Drone strategy 2.0 for Europe to foster sustainable and smart mobility »

The EU needs to ensure the safe and efficient development of a drone ecosystem. In its Sustainable and Smart Mobility strategy, the EC announced its plan to adopt a Drone strategy 2.0 in 2022 to develop drones into a vector for the smart and sustainable mobility of the future.

Set up of the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project

Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project The EU’s industrial policy approach promotes the creation of a competitive European industry. In order to properly support the implementation of policies and initiatives, a systematic monitoring of technological trends and reliable, up-to-date data on advanced technologies is needed. To this end, the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project […]

Brexit: Measures deferred concerning the export of products of animal or plant origin

The UK authorities announced on 11/03/2021 a 6-month postponement of the arrangements for the export of products to the UK. Thus, the new rules which were due to come into force on 1 April, as well as those scheduled for 1 July, are postponed by 6 months. Concretely, no new certificates will be required from […]

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