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This week a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) in the field of people flow analytics was published by the Muntstroom Living Lab project.


The Muntstroom project is a joint procurement of an integrated end-to-end solution for the outdoor and indoor monitoring of people flow. Since research showed that the desired integrated solution does not yet exist on the market a PCP has been prepared and now published in order to have the desired integrated solution developed.


Aim of the project is to make the Brussels-Capital Region more attractive to pedestrians. Measuring and analysing people flows provides insight in how people use the city. Based upon these insights, it is possible, for instance, to determine the shortest, safest, and most convenient routes for going from point A to point B. Information that could, for example, be added to mobility apps.


After the successful completion of the project, the public buyers intend to initiate a public procurement around the developed solution, based on the lessons learned from the project.


With the publication of the PCP the Muntstroom project invites interested suppliers to register for the tender. In order to facilitate interested parties the project organises two webinars:


Webinar 1: About the registration on Belgian e-Procurement platform (24 Sept, 10-11h CEST)

Webinar 2: About the Request for Tender docs (28 Sept, 10-11 CEST)


Interested parties can register for both webinars by sending an email to


For more information visit:

Link to the Tender publication:

TED Tenders Electronic Daily (  



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