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Consult HERE the October 2018 proposals, split by sector / domain

Consult HERE the September 2018 proposals, split by sector / domain.

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EDA launches ‘IdentiFunding’ online tool

'IdentiFunding' Performs an Initial Self-diagnostic on the Potential Eligibility of Your Project/Entity to EU Funding Opportunities.

Tool to identify funding opportunities in the Defence sector: European Funding Gateway

The Defence sector (industry, research-and-technology organisations, academia, Ministries of Defence/Armed Forces) can access funding at European level through the European Funding Gateway.

A video on results from the DroneDays 2019 B2B event

Did you missed the last edition fo the DroneDays B2B event which took place last 15-16/03/2019? A video will help you seeing the results !

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SME panel consultation on Food Contact Materials

Are you operating in the #FOOD CONTACT MATERIAL supply chain? Give your opinion on the functioning of the #Food Contact Material legislation and about how the legislation affects your business. Food Contact Materials (FCM) include all food packaging as well as kitchenware and tableware. It may also include articles which were not originally intended for […]

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