Digital Services Act: New rules for businesses

The Digital Services Act regulates online intermediaries and platforms such as marketplaces, social networks, content-sharing platforms, app stores, and online travel and accommodation platforms.

Funding available for SMEs in urban mobility under the EIT Urban Mobility 2024 RAPTOR Challenge

Launched under EIT Urban Mobility, Rapid Applications for Transport (RAPTOR), an agile, entrepreneurial challenge-based innovation with rapid development timelines. On 29 February 2024, the competition was launched for startups and SMEs to propose solutions addressing a list of 13 city mobility challenges. Each city, supported by technical and business advisors, will select the most promising […]

Success story – Brussels company BEEODIVERSITY creates a buzz… again!

They’ve done it again! Our readers may remember than in October 2022, Brussels company BEEODIVERSITY received equity & grant under the EIC Accelerator to finance its BeeOimpact project, a unique solution using the bee ecosystem to extract valuable biodiversity data and metrics. Well, in March 2024, BEEODIVERSITY has another time received EU support, this time […]

R&I related public consultation on dual-use technologies

The overall objective of this White Paper is to explore options to improve the integration and cross-fertilisation of civil and defence technologies in the European industry. It will do this by pursuing the better use and exploitation of project results and identifying actions to allow, where applicable, dual-use results from civil R&D activities for defence applications and from defence R&D activities for civil applications.

Success stories of European companies entering global markets with the support of EEN International Network Partners in non EU countries.

Enterprise Europe Network is present in 29 non EU countries with local business support organisations part of the Network as International Network Partners. They provide valuable support to EU companies looking for information, advice and contacts in their non EU target countries. Have a look on some success stories and achievements reached by EU companies in non EU countries.