Solution-driven services to help you turn your innovative ideas into international commercial successes.

Innovation is recognised as the key driver for competitiveness and market leadership, the element that makes the difference between successful businesses and other players. Innovation feeds the company’s growth in the medium-long term.
Innovative SMEs are able to come up with new ideas to keep operations, products, services and business models fresh, fitting their customers’ needs and challenges and turn them into successful commercial application.

Are you a Brussels-based, ambitious SME, including young companies and start-ups?
Are you looking to move forward, faster, better with innovation?

Enterprise Europe Network Brussels provides tailor-made professional support to SMEs:

  • 1) willing to boost their innovation management by:
    • a. getting external advice on their innovation management capacities
    • b. running with the Enterprise Europe Network Brussels expert’s help an analysis to identify SME’s innovation challenges and opportunities and benchmark them against competitors
    • c. turning the analysis’ outputs into action with an action plan – agreed upon by the SME and the expert – to unleash innovation and bring it to market
    • d. measuring impact by assessing results from the action plan implementation and planning next steps for sustainable growth

    The objective of our empowering services is to increase the impact of innovation efforts on business results.
    Beneficiaries get a 7 day-consulting package funded by the European Commission.

    In order to know if your company is eligible, contact your Enterprise Europe Network Brussels advisor from at

  • 2) which are for-profit and have high-growth potential at international level with:
    • a. a radically / disruptive new idea
    • b. underpinned by a business plan for rolling out marketable innovation solutions
    • c. close-to-market prototypes or solutions, services, or products
    • d. which are scalable

    These SMEs will be supported by Enterprise Europe Network Brussels advisors in collaboration with NCP Brussels for the submission of a SME Instrument proposal, if applicable.

    SMEs which are successfully selected by the European Commission for a SME-Instrument grant will be supported by Enterprise Europe Network Brussels with its KAM – Key Account Manager support who :

    • a. Makes an analysis of the SME’s needs to identify those areas that could be a barrier to their growth
    • b. Define the priorities for the coaching process and help beneficiaries identify and select suitable business coaches
    • c. Ensures that the SME receives all the relevant additional support from the regional innovation ecosystem.
    • d. Evaluates the coach’s services, their degree of satisfaction and identifies the next steps to be taken to help the SME in its growth trajectory.

    In order to know if your company is eligible, contact your Enterprise Europe Network Brussels advisor from at

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