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Is your company in search of support for energy efficiency improvements? More than 900 grants are available for SMEs to support their energy efficiency.

The EENergy call is set to allocate €9 million in the form of 900+ grants for SMEs across Europe. The grant is aimed at enhancing the energy efficiency of enterprises with a minimum saving of 5%. Each company can apply for a maximum grant of €10,000 with 100% financing. These grants can be utilized for various activities, such as:

Investments: This category encompasses the acquisition and installation of new technologies such as renewable energy systems (e.g., solar panels, wind turbines), energy optimization software, modern and efficient boilers, and power supply units.

Consultancy: SMEs can avail advisory and consultancy services for identifying and implementing energy efficiency improvements, conducting energy audits, and creating detailed investment roadmaps.

Skills & Training: Access to education and upskilling programs related to energy efficiency topics is provided, including training on best practices, regulatory aspects, energy audit qualifications, and technologies.

A combination of activities is possible, allowing for budgets larger than €10,000. However, the total grant funding per SME cannot exceed €10,000.

The application deadline is May 15, 2024. The call is open to any SME incorporated before 01-01-2023

The Call Text and the Guide for Applicants can be found on the EENergy

EEB sustainability advisors are available to assist with the application and to further develop energy efficiency action plans.

Companies are also invited to check out the other EEB sustainability services to support their journey towards improved sustainability & energy efficiency performance.

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