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The European Solar PV Industry Alliance was launched in 2022 in order to accelerate solar photovoltaic deployment in the EU.

Solar energy is essential for decarbonization and energy independence, yet Europe is heavily dependent on China. Hence, the EU set up the Solar Alliance bringing together businesses and stakeholders to increase production capacity, promote investments and diversify supply. The objective is to develop an EU solar PV industrial ecosystem to help secure and diversify supplies of solar PVs. Doing so by scaling up EU manufacturing of competitive, innovative, and sustainable solar PV products as well as diversifying international PV value chain components and supply raw materials. 

The single market facilitates European cooperation to increase manufacturing. Free movement allows companies across the value chain to work together, so boosting Europe’s solar power industry.

Along with a single market, Europe sees innovation as means to become more globally competitive.

More info on the European Solar Photovoltaic Industry Alliance can be found here

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