Energy security: How innovation is driving Europe’s race for solar renaissance

The European Solar PV Industry Alliance was launched in 2022 in order to accelerate solar photovoltaic deployment in the EU.

The Potential of E-fuels to Decarbonise Ships and Aircraft

The International Transport Forum published a report that examines the potential of novel fuels in order to decarbonise aviation and maritime shipping.

Ongoing online Brokerage Event – Horizon Europe Digital

In the frame of the collaboration between Enterprise Europe Network and Ideal-IST, the network of National Contact Points for ICT research, you are invited to participate in a brokerage event with pre-arranged online Face2Face meetings until 29 March 2023. 


The European action HNN3.0 together with the European Commission, Enterprise Europe Network and NCP WideraNet is organizing the next Horizon Europe Brokerage Event on the 2023 Cluster 1 Health and Mission Cancer calls for proposals.

What are the key benefits of the single market for businesses?

This year, the EU celebrates the 30th anniversary of its Single Market. The European Single Market allows goods, services, people and capital to move around the EU freely, making life easier for people and opening up new opportunities for businesses. What are the key benefits and achievements for businesses?

Consultation sur les granulés de plastique et microplastique

La Commission européenne lance une consultation sur les granulés de plastique et microplastique pour obtenir l’avis des entreprises concernées sur une éventuelle nouvelle législation européenne