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Enterprise Europe Brussels a sélectionné quelques opportunités d’affaires communiquées par des partenaires du réseau dans d’autres pays. Pour chaque opportunité, le lien ci-dessous vous amène sur le profil complet de l’entreprise. Vous êtes intéressé par un de ces profils pour une éventuelle collaboration ? Communiquez votre intérêt à votre contact Enterprise Europe Brussels, qui par l’intermédiaire des partenaires du réseau, vous mettra en relation avec les sociétés concernées.

Par ailleurs, si vous souhaitez diffuser votre opportunité d’affaires, offre ou demande, sur la plateforme, Enterprise Europe Brussels se chargera de la création du profil de votre société. Prenez contact pour obtenir le document à compléter.


A Luxembourg developer of a life-saving shoe concept is looking for a sole and/or shoe manufacturer under manufacture or licence agreement

Short summary

A Luxembourg company has developed a patented life-saving shoe solution, in the form of an identifying capsule and GPS system (in option) inserted in the sole of a shoe. Manufacturers of shoes and/or soles are sought under licensing and manufacturing agreements, or joint venture.

Detailed profile : BRLU20230426009


Luxembourgish consulting company is looking for commercial partnerships to help solutions and industrial products for the real estate and construction sectors to enter the EU francophone market

Short summary

A Luxembourg based consulting company is active in commercial engineering for the real estate industry. It is looking to increase its portfolio of services, solutions, and industrial products exclusively related to this sector. Under commercial agreement, it wishes to get in touch with partners who would like to enter the francophone markets of the EU, most specifically France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Detailed profile : BRLU20230413002


A Danish company seeks European suppliers (brands) of baby & children’s equipment to complement the existing supply chain.

Short summary

A Danish company importing and distributing brands all over Scandinavia seeks more suppliers (with own brands) of baby & children’s equipment – the brands and products are requested to be really unique.

Detailed profile : BRDK20230426007


Italian company of maintenance service & construction (oil & gas, petrochemical, power & energy, engineering, metal carpentry, piping) is looking for partners

Short summary

An Italian company of maintenance service & construction (for the sectors: oil & gas, petrochemical, power & energy, engineering, metal carpentry, piping) is looking for international partners. The desire is to create commercial\license\manufacturing\services agreements or subcontracting.

Detailed profile : BOIT20230503005

South Korea

When you plug the smart scanner into the OBD port of any vehicle, the vehicle data platform makes drivers diagnose and manages their vehicles anytime and anywhere.

Short summary

This company acquired more than 30 intellectual property rights related to vehicle data analysis and succeeded in growing into a company with 6 million users worldwide. And it released a vehicle diagnosis and management system consisting of an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner, mobile APP application, and server. This company seeks a partner capable of B2B2C cooperation to distribute its OBD2 Bluetooth scanner in each country.

Detailed profile : BOKR20230503001


Italian distributor of health food such as gluten\sugar\lactose-free foods is looking for new products

Short summary

The Italian company is a distributor of a wide portfolio of health food such as gluten\sugar\lactose – free products (pasta, snacks, biscuits, dessert mixes, ice cream cones…). The portfolio includes Sicilian delicacies such as arancini, scaccia, and cannoli. The company is looking for innovative and high-quality health foods to widen its catalog.

Detailed profile : BRIT20230428011


French producer of organic cider is searching for new partners through commercial agreements

Short summary

This France-based producer is manufacturing several organic beverages issued from apples : cider, apple juice, vinegar, Pommeau and Calvados. Its products are mainly distributed in restaurants, delicatessens and bars and it is now looking for new partnerships through commercial agreements.

Detailed profile : BOFR20230414014


A French producer of organic ciders free from added sulphites and carbon neutral is looking for distributors

Short summary

A France based producer of apple-based beverages such as ciders, Calvados (apple brandy) and Pommeau (classic cocktail liqueur) is searching for new partners able to represent their organic products under distribution services agreements.

Detailed profile : BOFR20220314044

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