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InnoBuyer is an innovative public procurement project financed by the European Innovation Council under Horizon Europe. They currently have an open call that aims at funding SMEs that can solve a series of predefined challenges issued by public actors that face unmet needs in the healthcare, transport, justice and energy sectors.

What’s in it for you?

  • Get grant up to €58,5k (100%) funded by the European Commission
  • Get access to potential customers of your solution i.e. Challenges
  • Work hands-on with the Challengers during a 10 month co-creation period (approximately from mid-March 2024 to January 2025)
  • Understand how public organisations work and how solutions should be commercialised to them
  • If the co-creation is successful, benefit from a higher sales volume if the Challenger decides to launch a tender to buy your solution
  • Gain a first customer reference and increase your reputation when approaching other customers

The InnoBuyer Ready-made Challenges:

Healthcare sector

  • QMS-tool for compliance to the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) of early-stage medical device development
  • Wheelchair system in hospital to support patients and visitors
  • Home-based Capillary Blood Sampling Device
  • Algorithm to automate the management of resources in the outpatient department of a hospital
  • Advanced blood transfusion management system
  • Predictive tool for early detection of delirium in hospitalized patients
  • Management tool for the digitalisation of the Early Demand Map
  • An interactive digital environment designed to empower patients and facilitate subcutaneous medication administration at home

Transports sector

  • Charging points network for electric bikes and scooters, in green and natural areas
  • Predictive eco-driving solution for service electric vehicles to optimise energy consumption

Justice sector

  • Intelligent assistant to support judges in drafting sentences by locating texts of previous judgments and jurisprudence

Energy sector

  • Advanced functional materials and components for urea electrolysis for cost-effective hydrogen and ammonia production

Application deadline: 24 January 2024

Contact your thematic EEB advisor if you want to apply

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