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LIFE Calls for proposals 2024: €571 million EU funding for projects conserving nature, protecting the environment, taking climate action and transitioning Europe to clean energy.

The LIFE programme is the EU financial instrument supporting the EU Green Deal’s objectives through policy driven actions related to environmental, nature conservation and climate projects. Since 1992 LIFE has funded more than five thousand projects supporting Nature Conservation, Circular Economy and Climate Mitigation and Adaptation. 

Who can apply?

We are particularly interested to hear from businesses, academic institutions, national, regional, and local governments, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in the EU on nature conservation, environmental protection, climate change or the clean energy transition. LIFE supports innovative, impactful projects with demonstrable impacts and best practices which can be replicated and scaled up elsewhere in Europe. LIFE project applications can be submitted by a single organisation or by several working in collaboration with other European partners – please check carefully the description of the funding topic you wish to apply to.

The 2021-2027 LIFE programme has a budget of €5.4 billion and is divided into the following four subprogrammes:

1. Nature and biodiversity

2. Circular economy and quality of life

3. Climate change mitigation and adaptation

4. Clean energy transition

The aim of the subprogramme “Nature and biodiversity“ is to protect species and their habitats by expanding, nurturing and preserving nature for a sustainable and balanced future.

The focus of the subprogramme “Circular economy and quality of life” is on waste as a resource that needs proper management to provide for crucial raw materials and a safe environment. Specific topics include air, water, soil, noise, chemicals and the new European Bauhaus.

In subprogramme “Climate change mitigation and adaptation” particular attention is given to ozone-depletion, carbon sinks, nature-based solutions in the management of land, coasts and marine areas by predicting, preventing and mitigating the climate change effects. It also includes adapting cities and regions for extreme weather events. 

The subprogramme “Clean energy transition” is dedicated to energy efficiency and renewables with the aim to ease the transition towards an energy-efficient, renewable energy-based, climate-neutral and resilient economy. A specific goal is to remove the market barriers that can hamper the socio-economic transition to sustainable energy.

LIFE Calls for proposals 2022 submission deadlines are in September 2024.

Find the deadline and detailed information per subprogramme on: LIFE Calls for proposals 2024 – European Commission (europa.eu)

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