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Consultation on drones – technical standards & conditions for operations

This public consultation asks for your informed opinions and suggestions to help identify what are the gains that could be brought by the use of drones and what are the concerns that would need to be addressed by EU public intervention.

10de verjaardag van Enterprise Europe Network

Naar aanleiding van de 10de verjaardag van het netwerk, ontdek de nieuwe website van Enterprise Europe Network Brussels. Wat u daarop vindt : Informatie, advies en diensten voor uw internationale ontwikkeling, om het hoofd te bieden aan de uitdagingen van de eenheidsmarkt, om partners te vinden, om steun te krijgen bij innovatie Evenementen op maat […]

10ème anniversaire d’Enterprise Europe Network

A l’occasion du 10ème anniversaire du réseau, Enterprise Europe Network Brussels lance son nouveau site web. Vous y trouverez : Des informations, des conseils et des services pour vous développer à l’international, faire face aux défis du marché unique, trouver des partenaires bénéficier de support à l’innovation Des événements sur mesure pour rencontrer des partenaires potentiels internationaux […]

Consultation on binding information (‘advance rulings’) in the field of customs valuation

Public consultation on the establishment in the EU of decisions relating to  binding information (‘advance rulings’) in the field of customs valuation (BVIs) in the EU is available till the first of June. The questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete. More information and link to the questionnaire: INFOS : Jean-Philippe Mergen – Tel : 02 210 […]

Public consultation on the review of the SME definition

The current definition dates back 2003 and it is widely used in several EU policies such as research and innovation, structural funds, competition, as well as for some European administrative exemptions and reduced fees.

Innovation trends and disruptive innovation: a link with Enterprise Europe Brussels’ actions and services

Enterprise Europe Brussels offers a large panoply of advisory and internationalization services, including commercial, technology and R&DI collaborations. And innovation? Among the others, one of the core services offered by Enterprise Europe Brussels is related to innovation. With this respect, Enterprise Europe Brussels published in the past an article on the latest innovative trends in business and industry, detected […]

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