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An SME panel on the Sustainable Products Initiative (SPI) aims to gather the views of SMEs on the Sustainable Products Initiative that was announced in last year’s Circular Economy Action Plan and is due to be delivered by the end of 2021.

The deadline for responses to this EU Survey is 15 June.

The aim of the SPI will be to make products placed on the EU market fit for a climate neutral, resource efficient and circular economy, reduce waste and ensure that the performance of frontrunners in sustainability becomes the norm. A core part will focus on widening the scope of the Ecodesign Directive to make it applicable to the broadest range of products and make it deliver on circularity. The Circular Economy Action Plan identifies a list of value chains which could be prioritised under SPI, but clarifies that further product groups will be identified based on their environmental impact and circularity potential.

Your opinion matters. Answer on EEN SME panel EU survey and enter the following ID code of Enterprise Europe Network Brussels: BE00149 .


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Single Market Programme approved by European Parliament

The Single Market Programme has been approved by the European Parliament. The regulation, published in the EU Official Journal, entered into force on 3 May and will apply retroactively from 1 January 2021. The Single Market Programme aims to strengthen the EU’s internal market by supporting a wide range of activities, from improving food safety to helping SMEs. The overarching goal is to foster cooperation and improve sustainability within the Single Market.  Enterprise Europe Network is also part of this programme.

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