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Appel à contributions: Nouvel agenda européen de l’innovation

Le nouvel agenda accompagnera la double transition en prenant davantage en compte la nouvelle vague d’innovation dans le domaine «deep tech».

Sustainability – What’s behind the words?

Becoming more sustainable is on everyone’s lips. You are an SME who wants to join the move, but you don’t know how? Let's start with an explanation of what it means.

Buyers at Textile Connect 2022

Several buyers are registered for the next edition of Textile Connect 2022 (4-6 May). Have a look on what they are looking for.

Global Trade Helpdesk, a new portal integrating trade and business information

An online portal with detailed information about imports, market dynamics, tariffs, regulatory requirements, potential buyers and more. What can you do with Global Trade Helpdesk?

Join the move : making sustainable product the norm

On 30 March, the European Commission published a Circular Economy package “on making sustainable products the norm”. The package includes legislative proposals neither yet adopted  nor in force, but it sets a clear direction: sustainability!

SME survey on Reach regulation

The Commission is currently revising the REACH Regulation and would like to get views on what are the expected impacts for SMEs of the envisaged changes through a questionnaire. This feedback will help the Commission to improve the way in which the revised REACH Regulation would work for SMEs.

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