Expert advice to grow and expand on international markets and address the challenges of the Single Market.

You can access free of charge a series of tips for:

  • export your products or services to new markets
  • apply VAT on the sale of your goods or services in another country
  • finance your growth in the most appropriate way
  • implementing and enforcing European legislation and standards in the European Single Market
  • participating in calls for tenders and public procurement
  • improve the growth of your business or the management of your innovation processes in order to increase the performance of your business and achieve sustainable growth
  • managing and exploiting your intellectual property internationally

Areas of expertise

The network’s advisory services are mainly focused on European themes. Here are some areas where our experts can help your business:

  • European regulations and standards
    Help you apply European regulations and standards in your area of activity
  • Access to international markets
    Provide you with market information, strengthen your internationalisation capabilities, identify appropriate markets for your growth and advise you on local market conditions.
  • International public procurement
    List opportunities for cross-border and European public procurement and help you respond to calls for tenders.
  • Financing
    Help you identify sources of financing and make sure your business is ready to benefit from investments.
  • European funding and support for the submission of project proposals
    Identify European financing opportunities that meet your company’s needs and help you with submission.
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
    Help you protect and expand your intellectual property rights, and develop your patent exploitation strategy.

Client journey: personalised support to meet the needs of the SME. Here are the steps:

1. Get in touch

Your first step is to get in touch with Enterprise Europe Brussels. An expert:

  • will give the information you are looking for,
  • will assess whether you can be accompanied through a personalised and engaging action plan for you and the Enterprise Europe Brussels advisor,
  • or will direct you to the most appropriate service within the Enterprise Europe Brussels partners or in the Brussels ecosystem.

2. Agree on an action plan

If the network is the right service for you, the Enterprise Europe Brussels expert will help you define an action plan based on the following points:

  • your goals for your business
  • the actions you need to take to reach them
  • the timetable for implementation

3. Execute the plan and achieve the results

The experts from Enterprise Europe Brussels will accompany your company throughout the journey. Their task is to ensure that you meet your goals and that your business becomes more competitive as a result of your collaboration with the network.

4. Measuring the impact of services

By benefiting from a personalised action plan, you are committed to evaluating Enterprise Europe Brussels’ services in order to measure their impact on the development of your activities (turnover, employment, cost reduction, quality improvement, innovation).


European legislation: Make your voice heard!

Do you encounter regulatory problems or barriers in the context of your activities in or outside Europe? Can’t you find some answers to questions about European legislation? Do you encounter any difficulties in complying with certain European directives?

Enterprise Europe Brussels informs the European Commission of your problems, needs and expectations related to Europe.

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