What should I do if I am at risk of being confronted with a supply disruption?

Your company may be faced with a disruption of supplies of intermediate products and supplies. What to do? First, check your stocks, and if necessary, anticipate, plan reserves, and order your supplies on time. If your suppliers are no longer able to provide you, or if they are using them to significantly increase their prices, […]

Coronavirus: Commission presents practical guidance to ensure continuous flow of goods across EU via green lanes

On 23rd March, the Commission issued new practical advice on how to implement its Guidelines for border management, in order to keep freight moving across the EU during the current pandemic. To ensure that EU-wide supply chains continue to operate, Member States are requested to designate, without delay, all the relevant internal border-crossing points on […]

Commission publishes guidance on export requirements for personal protective equipment

On 15 March, the Commission introduced export authorisation requirements for exports of personal protective equipment outside of the European Union. This is a measure of temporary nature and not an export ban and is in line with all of the EU’s international obligations. Given the evolving nature of the COVID-19 situation, the Commission has continued […]

What impact did the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) have on European businesses so far?

The European Union would like to learn more on the impact the EU-Japan EPA had on European businesses in 2019. The purpose of this survey is for the EU to collect feedback on the impact of the EPA on EU businesses as well as to gather information on existing market access challenges that EU companies […]

Large corporate clients or financial institutions have asked you for non-financial information?

Your SME provides goods or services to large companies? They may have asked you to provide them with social or environmental information. The same applies to the share of financial institutions. These obligations give rise to costs and constraints. In order to assess its impact and possibly revise the Directive requiring certain large companies to disclose non-financial information, the European Commission is launching a consultation with SMEs.

Coronavirus: ensuring the free movement of goods within the European internal market

It is important that the basic principles of the internal market and the Schengen agreement be maintained, in particular to ensure the free movement of goods (via all modes of transport) and professional mobility (particularly in cross-border areas). Although many aspects of border measures are a matter of national competence, the European Commission has tried […]

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