Global Gateway, a European strategy to strengthen links with third countries through infrastructure investments in digital, energy, transport, health, education.

The Global Gateway initiative launched by the European Commission in 2021 aims to develop infrastructure investments in partner countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe’s neighbouring countries in the fields of digital, energy and transport, and strengthening health, education and research systems.

Trade of goods: How do I find the right tariff code for my product?

In order to find the right tariff for your product, you need to know the tariff classification number of your product. For customs purposes every good receives a tariff classification number.

Enterprise Europe Network: 15 years supporting small businesses with international ambitions

In 2023, the Enterprise Europe Network celebrates its fifteenth birthday. To commemorate this milestone, Network partners across the world will be celebrating alongside some of the 4.2 million small and medium sized businesses that they have helped to innovate and grow internationally.

Investment map of Ukraine

Investment opportunities in Ukraine. Detailed information about every Ukrainian region and opportunities in different sectors.

Foreign investment screening mechanism will protect strategic interests in Belgium

The European screening mechanism for foreign investment screening, transposed into Belgian law, will enter into force in Belgium on 1 July.

What measures to fight against late payments?

The European Commission is consulting companies with a view to revising the late payment directive. Give your views on adopting policy measures at European level to tackle late payments more effectively.

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