SME panel – Upgrading digital company law

The European Commission is currently reflecting on possible ways to: Enhance access at EU level to information about companies in the national business registers, Facilitate the expansion to other Member States’ markets and reduce administrative burden by making it possible for companies to directly (without extra formalities) use company information from their national business registers […]

EU Funding for green projects: Save the date: #EULife22 Info Days

The LIFE programme helps companies bring their green products, technologies, services and processes to the market. These so-called close-to-market projects launch innovative, demonstrative solutions that offer clear environmental and/or climate benefits. Examples could be in waste management, the circular economy, resource efficiency, water, air or climate change mitigation.

Buyers at Textile Connect 2022

Several buyers are registered for the next edition of Textile Connect 2022 (4-6 May). Have a look on what they are looking for.

Global Trade Helpdesk, a new portal integrating trade and business information

An online portal with detailed information about imports, market dynamics, tariffs, regulatory requirements, potential buyers and more. What can you do with Global Trade Helpdesk?

SME survey on Reach regulation

The Commission is currently revising the REACH Regulation and would like to get views on what are the expected impacts for SMEs of the envisaged changes through a questionnaire. This feedback will help the Commission to improve the way in which the revised REACH Regulation would work for SMEs.

The Supply Chain Resilience platform is now live!

The disintegration of international trade regimes, a raging global pandemic and challenges to the European peace order have strained or even completely disrupted established supply chains. To address these challenges, the Enterprise Europe Network has launched the Supply Chain Resilience platform. The platform helps businesses to retain, re-structure or replace existing supply chains. Network partners can now support European companies to secure the raw materials, parts, components and/or (semi-)finished goods or services they need to keep production rolling.

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