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Are you a start-up, an SME, a researcher, a public administration, an organisation or a citizen interested in shaping Europe’s digital future?

Join the EU’s 2030 Digital Decade Vision Consultation!

With your valuable experience and inputs about the digital transformation to ensure a digitally empowered future for European citizens and businesses, the Commission aims to:

  • Accelerate the digital transformation
  • Reach the 2030 digital targets
  • Ensure coordinated and swift actions
  • Identify the policy options to support the objectives
  • Implement multi-country projects to drive investments

The Digital Decade policy programme has the ambition to operationalize the vision stated in the Communication on the 2030 Digital Compass.  The objective is to find a European way to a digitalised economy and society, which is about solidarity, prosperity, and sustainability for its citizens and businesses, ensuring the security and resilience of its digital ecosystem and supply chains.

Join the online discussions



For more information, contact Benjamin Carnec, EEB Advisor for ICT.


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