Share your views on the Combined Transport Directive revision proposal

On 7 November 2023, the European Commission opened a feedback period on its proposal for the revision of the Combined Transport Directive. The Combined Transport Directive supports the shift from road freight to lower emission transport modes such as inland waterways, maritime transport and rail. In light of the European Green Deal’s calls for higher […]


The RESIST ( REsilience through Sustainable processes and production for the European automotive InduSTry ) – Euroclusters project aims to provide through its open call financial support to European SMEs, start-ups and/or mid-cap companies working in the Mobility, Transport and Automotive ecosystem (MTA) to attend online and physical trainings. The RESIST Eurocluster may sound familiar […]

Cascade funding opportunities to support SMEs in their sustainable transition

At the EEN Annual Conference that took place in Bilbao from 14 to 17 November 2023 the Enterprise Europe Network presented a series of cascade funding opportunities for SMEs that wish to get support in their process towards sustainable entrepreneurship. What is cascade funding? The cascade funding principle is based on awards that have been […]

FRIEND CCI: 2nd Open Call for project proposals dedicated to SMEs

The 2nd call aims at supporting SMEs in: • Developing and implementing cross-sectoral projects aimed to bring innovation at the level of products and/or at the level of processes/ technologies, with a specific focus on the needs linked to the twin transition• Fostering cross-fertilisation and innovation between SMEs of different ecosystems• Go international, to boost […]

InnoBuyer innovation procurement call: 60K for SMEs developping solutions in healthcare, transport, justice and energy sectors Copy

InnoBuyer is an innovative public procurement project financed by the European Innovation Council under Horizon Europe. They currently have an open call that aims at funding SMEs that can solve a series of predefined challenges issued by public actors that face unmet needs in the healthcare, transport, justice and energy sectors. What’s in it for […]

Open Pitch Day 2023 of Fraport AG (Frankfurt Airport) for innovative, digital startups

Pioneering ideas, technologies and business models to create the airport of the future via an Open Pïtch Day