Do not miss the cascade funding for your company!

There's still EU funding to grasp for for your SME / start-up / scale-up for training, innovation, international development in specific target countries, market studies...

Success stories of European companies entering global markets with the support of EEN International Network Partners in non EU countries.

Enterprise Europe Network is present in 29 non EU countries with local business support organisations part of the Network as International Network Partners. They provide valuable support to EU companies looking for information, advice and contacts in their non EU target countries. Have a look on some success stories and achievements reached by EU companies in non EU countries.

Online bedrijfsondersteuning voor EU-exporteurs van diensten naar Canada, Japan, Zwitserland en het VK

Access2Markets heeft het toepassingsgebied van zijn online handelsassistent voor diensten en investeringen uitgebreid tot honderd dienstensectoren in vier van de belangrijkste handelspartners van de EU: Canada, Japan, Zwitserland en het Verenigd Koninkrijk.

Wat is de beste intellectuele-eigendomsstrategie voor Zuidoost-Azië?

De South East Asia IP SME Helpdesk ondersteunt KMO's om hun intellectuele-eigendomsrechten in of met betrekking tot Zuidoost-Aziatische landen te beschermen.

InnoBuyer innovation procurement call: 60K for SMEs developping solutions in healthcare, transport, justice and energy sectors Copy

InnoBuyer is an innovative public procurement project financed by the European Innovation Council under Horizon Europe. They currently have an open call that aims at funding SMEs that can solve a series of predefined challenges issued by public actors that face unmet needs in the healthcare, transport, justice and energy sectors. What’s in it for […]

Open Pitch Day 2023 of Fraport AG (Frankfurt Airport) for innovative, digital startups

Pioneering ideas, technologies and business models to create the airport of the future via an Open Pïtch Day

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