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Enterprise Europe Network is present in 56 countries including the 27 EU members states. It means that the Network is present in 29 non EU countries with local business support organisations part of the Network as International Network Partners. They provide valuable support to EU companies looking for information, advice and contacts in their non EU target countries. Have a look on some success stories and achievements reached by EU companies in non EU countries.

EEN Canada

  • Dutch business successfully enters the Canadian market
  • Canadian wholesaler becomes distributor for high-end Spanish textile manufacturer
  • Launch of publicly funded research project with German and Canadian companies to build AI boosted methane gas inspection system with specialised civil drone
  • German research institute manufactures microfluid instruments and cartridges for Canadian laboratory

EEN Chile

  • Successful commercial cooperation between European and Chilean companies in the agrifood sector
  • Spanish companies on IT solution encouraging patients’ self-care and healthy lifestyles
  • Generating impact by providing sustainable regional tourism services to Chilean company
  • Helping Chilean companies to access European Earth Observation technologies

EEN Colombia

  • Technical cooperation between Polish company and Colombian engineering research institute in Colombia

EEN India

  • Austrian food producer successfully enters the Indian market
  • Dutch Biotech start-up is selected to pitch & exhibit at the Global Bio-India fair
  • Business deal between Hungarian and Indian software firms
  • Distribution agreement for EU designed physiotherapy robot for the Indian market

EEN Israel

  • Spanish manufacturer successfully enters the Israeli market

EEN Japan

  • Research cooperation between Italian and Japanese companies to reverse engineer energy efficiency and self powered wireless IoT solutions
  • Austrian firm successfully exports organic certified horticulture seeds to Japan
  • French company goes micro and delivers nanoparticles to Japan
  • Tailor made training for Latvian electronics company to remain competitive and to enter the Japanese market
  • Advice on regulatory issues to retain an established partnership between a French and Japanese company

EEN Korea

  • Korean and Danish companies join forces for EUROSTARS research project
  • Spanish hospital and Korean company test innovative medical device
  • Greek company licenses technical solution to Korean manufacturer for industrial chemical treatment
  • Korean and German companies start joint venture in the field of 3D printing
  • Long term cooperation between a South Korean and Luxembourg based company to market solar panel cleaning robots in Europe
  • Research cooperation between Korean and Italian companies for encryption based cloud services for healthcare providers

EEN Singapore

  • Spanish company licenses technical coating solutions for corrosive environments to Singaporean business

EEN Switzerland

  • Joint venture between Swiss and French companies to store & compress hydrogen produced by renewable energy
  • Collaboration of Swiss and German start-ups for development of digital twin software
  • Technology cooperation for sustainable processing of wood for the production of high quality knife handles
  • Joint research for homomorphic encryption systems based on cloud technologies for healthcare providers
  • Award of Eurostars grant for research & development of heart rate algorithm measurement
  • Business deal between Swiss and Danish companies for smart textile solutions for predictive disease management

EEN Taiwan

  • Eurostars research project with Dutch and Taiwanese company for antenna & semiconductor integrated modules for satellite communication systems
  • Finnish art design artist and a Taiwanese printing company start commercial cooperation
  • Taiwanese LED balloon lighting manufacturer finds Polish business partner during trade mission to Europe
  • Taiwanese antenna manufacturer to apply for required registration in Germany and Austria
  • Taiwanese company enters EU Single Market and develops various types of biodegradable consumer products

EEN United Kingdom

  • Research collaboration between UK and Hungarian companies to develop space satellite technologies
  • UK and Latvian companies carry out joint research to improve tribological properties of light metals
  • Joint venture between Estonian and UK companies on the valorisation of seaweed waste
  • Commercial agreement between Dutch laboratory and UK company on services for microscope-based imaging and analysis
  • UK-based business-to-business online fashion platform signs deal with Italian clothing manufacturer
  • UK deep tech start-up secures grant from European Innovation Council Accelerator

EEN United States

  • Joint venture between US and Italian company to develop new sustainable chromium plating coating technologies
  • Polish jewellery company enters the US market
  • Lithuanian company finds new business partners following a trade mission to the United States (Chicago)
  • Belgian company exports chocolates to the US market and manages logistics, import and distribution process with local partner

Do you want to access non EU countries ? Do you need support ? Are you looking for information, advice and new contacts in non EU countries?

Contact Enterprise Europe Brussels to benefit from a customised support in partnership with EEN International Network Partners. In which countries are they located ? Have a look on the Network presence beyond Europe

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