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Access2Markets portal has expanded the scope of its online Trade Assistant for Services and Investment to cover one hundred services sectors across four of the EU’s key trading partners: Canada, Japan, Switzerland, and the UK.

EU businesses now have access to an even more comprehensive database of information – free of charge and in all 24 EU languages – detailing the requirements they need to fulfil when exporting their specific service or investment to a third country.

The Trade Assistant tool helps to empower European firms, including small and medium enterprises, to export around the world by ensuring that they are clear on the rules to follow.

Available through DG Trade’s Access2Markets website, the Trade Assistant for Services and Investment provides detailed, up-to-date information on country-specific market access conditions such as licensing and authorisation requirements, foreign equity caps, legal form, nationality requirements, and work permits. The information is categorized by three modes of supply : cross-border supply of services; commercial presence; and movement of professionals, making it easier for EU suppliers to get the exact information they need.

DG Trade plans to further expand the Trade Assistant for Services and Investment tool to four more key trading partners by the end of 2024 and a total of 16 countries by 2026.

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