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10 praktische tips ter voorbereiding op Brexit

1. Blijf op de hoogte van de beslissingen om snel te kunnen reageren Er zijn twee data en meerdere scenario’s mogelijk. Als het Britse Parlement een terugtrekkingsovereenkomst aanvaardt, is deze gepland voor 22 mei, maar als het de overeenkomst verwerpt, hebben de Britten tot 12 april de tijd om de EU in kennis te stellen […]

A video on results from the DroneDays 2019 B2B event

Did you missed the last edition fo the DroneDays B2B event which took place last 15-16/03/2019? A video will help you seeing the results !

Posting of workers and notification procedures in EU member states

Enterprise Europe Network in Czech Republik published a leaflet which contains links to information about posting of workers (concerning Posting of Workers Directive 96/71/EC rules) and information about notification procedures for posted workers in EU/EEA member states. The leaflet can be also downloaded here: #EENCanHelp

11.04.2019 – InfoDay & B2B on Call for proposals for Eurodrone and industrial projects under the European Defence Fund

Some of you maybe remember: in June 2017 the European Defence Fund launched a 3-tier call for proposals. There is now a new opportunity for some players interested in being involved in joint defence industrial projects or in defence research projects via calls for proposals that the EC has just launched.

EU-wide rules setting technical requirements for drones

The EC sets the rules for safe, secure and green drone operations