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10 conseils pratiques pour se préparer au Brexit

1. Informez-vous sur les décisions afin de réagir rapidement Deux dates, plusieurs scénarios possibles : si le Parlement britannique accepte l’accord de retrait, celui-ci est alors prévu le 22 mai ; s’il refuse l’accord, alors les Britanniques ont jusqu’au 12 avril pour communiquer à l’UE leur décision : soit un retrait de l’article 50, soit pas d’accord, soit […]

A video on results from the DroneDays 2019 B2B event

Did you missed the last edition fo the DroneDays B2B event which took place last 15-16/03/2019? A video will help you seeing the results !

Posting of workers and notification procedures in EU member states

Enterprise Europe Network in Czech Republik published a leaflet which contains links to information about posting of workers (concerning Posting of Workers Directive 96/71/EC rules) and information about notification procedures for posted workers in EU/EEA member states. The leaflet can be also downloaded here: #EENCanHelp

11.04.2019 – InfoDay & B2B on Call for proposals for Eurodrone and industrial projects under the European Defence Fund

Some of you maybe remember: in June 2017 the European Defence Fund launched a 3-tier call for proposals. There is now a new opportunity for some players interested in being involved in joint defence industrial projects or in defence research projects via calls for proposals that the EC has just launched.

EU-wide rules setting technical requirements for drones

The EC sets the rules for safe, secure and green drone operations